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3C Finanz AG was established to provide consultancy services for project developments with alternative pratical solutions to broad range of development challenges, including market analysis and financial feasibility , planning.


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We feel deeply responsible for all those in need and in response,

We are working together

With our partners to provide a future for the  “Orphanage in

Tanzania” as well promoting the “Educational Bridge for Peace”.


Understanding and doing nothing, means not understanding.


A Few Facts:

35,600 children dies of starvation related causes on September 11, 2001

Two billion people are hungry every day, yet the primary goal of nearly all organizations is short-term economic gain.

Nearly 3 Billion USD are spending on armament each day.

Nearly 50 Million people are infected with HIV/Aids.

The total human population grew 20 times more in the last 200 years than during the previous 300,000 years


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,

But because of the million who look on and do nothing.

“author” Albert Einstein